Friday, March 6, 2009

Girlfriend, What are You Thinking?


  • According to the U.S. Surgeon General, domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women in the United States.
  • The American Medical Association estimates that their male partners assault 2 million American women each year.
  • The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that 95% of the victims of domestic violence are women.
  • According to the FBI, a woman is abused every 12 seconds in the United States.
  • 35% of all emergency room calls are a result of domestic violence.
  • Of those who abuse their partner, well over 65% also physically and/or sexually abuse the children.
  • Each day .....4 women die as a result of abuse.

Rihanna, you're a beautiful, talented, capable, young woman. Now you may need a nose job to fix what he broke??

What are you thinking, going back to Chris Brown? He needs jail time and then some serious help. You need to move on with your life. There are plenty of men who would treat you like gold, and it's what you deserve. It's what we all deserve.

Get some counseling, honey. Be well...D

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Mary Moore said...

I didn't realize the extent of her injuries. I am so upset she has gone back to him...

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

sometimes life's like that,
sometimes we hope too much,
sometimes we believe they are soory, sometimes we think they will change,
sometimes they don't,

septembermom said...

It's a shame that she can't break free of him. She has so much going for her. He really is a bully.

Mental P Mama said...

This scenario plays out in this world more than we ever want to know. She is in my prayers.

Syd said...

These are stunning statistics but the photo of this lady is more than a statistic. I hope that she gets help. And that the fellow who beat her up goes to jail.

Ms Hen said...

.....poor girl..she went back with him??

Cloudia said...

Amen. But she will make her own mistakes as we all have . . . Aloha-

Lavinia said...

I think she is a big fool and also setting a dangerous example for all the young women out there who are her fans and for whom she serves as a role model....even inadvertently. You know they may say to themselves, "Well if Rihanna forgave and forgot, then maybe I should too". And then we will read about them in the news when their partner kills them. Another 'domestic homicide'.

However, one bright spot, when I asked my daughter what she thought about Rihanna going back to Chris, my daughter replied, "I don't give a crap what Rihanna does".

SandyCarlson said...

Scary Fact: I heard some middle school girls talking about this situation and saying this guy seems really sexy BECAUSE he beat her.

Wow, wow, wow.

So sad. When will someone tell our girls nobody ever died of a broken heart? They do mend. Life does go on.

Maggie May said...

She must be mad.

Lavinia said...

Chris Brown: FUTURE O.J.????

Kelly (conversemomma) said...

Although, I understand the psychology behind women who stay with abusive men, it does not change the heartbreak of it. I think of all the teens out there who view her as a role model, and it kills me.

Expat mum said...

As the mother of teenagers this sends all the wrong messages to both males and females. Oy, as they say.

Ghost Dansing said...

she really needs to lose this dude..... what's the frequency Kenneth?

"What's the frequency, Kenneth?" is your Benzedrine, uh-huh
I was brain-dead, locked out, numb, not up to speed
I thought I'd pegged you an idiot's dream
Tunnel vision from the outsider's screen
I never understood the frequency, uh-huh
You wore our expectations like an armored suit, uh-huh

I'd studied your cartoons, radio, music, TV, movies, magazines
Richard said, "Withdrawal in disgust is not the same as apathy"
A smile like the cartoon, tooth for a tooth
You said that irony was the shackles of youth
You wore a shirt of violent green, uh-huh
I never understood the frequency, uh-huh.......

.... You wore a shirt of violent green, uh-huh
I couldn't understand
I never understood, don't f*ck with me, uh-huh


the walking man said...

She should get counseling, right after she buys a gun, get's instruction how to use it and then get's a CCW. Then she can get counseling.

Moannie said...

Did'nt Whitney Houston do the same thing? And took drugs to please her man? Will someone explain to me how these beautiful wealthy young women are so lacking in confidence over their own worth and beauty to think that no one else can ever love them.

They say, when asked why they allow it 'But I love him!' How? How can you love someone who does that to you? What kind of love is that?

I hope she sees sense and has true friends to care for her. It is sad, and wrong, and of course it sends out the wrong message.

Kim said...

It's a terrible thing for her to go back but it also impacts millions of young women who look up to her. The message that this sends to them makes me cringe. Our society has become so celebrity-crazed. Just the other day my hair-dresser, a smart, 20-something mom said that she didn't feel so bad that her skin was breaking out because she heard that Angelina Jolie suffers from the same thing. I was stunned at the casualness with which she made this comparison.

Jay said...

I don't know either of these people, but it's a sad and familiar story. Somehow you tend to think the rich and famous are immune .. but of course they're not.

Sadly, some women seem to be programmed to pick losers and stay with them, through violence, alcoholism, addiction, or whatever. She does need counselling, and I hope she gets it.

Daryl said...

I often wonder if low self esteem is one of those 'things' where if your father/mother lacked self faith then you learned it/aborbed it as if it were genetic ...

very sad

Woman in a Window said...

I think perhaps we think these stars, these accomplished people are above our everyday common choices but in the end our needs, our hopes, our inability to discern that gets us.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Shocking stats aren't they. So many women ruining their lives because they simply can't stay away from bad. These violent hooligans need more than help.

CJ xx

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

I was in an abusive relationship in the past and even though it's crazy most people do still go back to their partners when they should be putting them in prison. I went back twice and three times I was put in hospital. Only when I was almost killed did I wake up and see again, that was the day of my re-birth into a happier world.
I hope that Rihanna sees sense and get's her life sorted out before being destroyed by a monster as it's not just the cuts and scars on the outside, it's the ones that are left inside that eat away at your soul day after day, year after year, never fully healing.
Big Hug
Donnie XX

Erika said...

Two more statistics:

* It takes an abused woman an average of 7 to 10 times to leave.
* Once a woman is able to leave safely and does so, her risk of being murdered by her abuser increases 75%.

The absolute WORST thing anyone can do right now is blame Rihanna for ANYTHING. Abuse is a complex, twisted game of power & control. If we're going to judge anyone, it should be the abusers. We always talk about how many women are abused. I wonder how things would change if we talked about how many men are abusers. Let's keep the responsibility & role model argument where it belongs.