Saturday, February 13, 2010


(no, this isn't my son's snowman!)

Lately the number one news story in the U.S. has been snow. Snow, snow, and more snow. Back in Maryland, they have had more than their fair share of the white stuff. My son told me by phone yesterday that the pile of snow next to the driveway, where he has had to dig out either his or his father's car multiple times in the last two weeks, is more than shoulder high. He is 6'5". Imagine it. Now I hear that they are due to get 8-12" more of the stuff Monday and Tuesday. How much more can the region bear? It is a rarity and has broken every previous record. Snow plows and salt trucks are working overtime. Heavy equipment operators are out in the cold, shoveling the stuff into higher and higher piles. The talking heads on the Weather Channel say that piles of snow will remain through at least the Cherry Blossom Festival. Unbelievable.

In North Carolina, we got about 6" of snow, starting while we were out and about at doctor's appointments. It's beautiful this morning, the sunlight glittering off the undisturbed cusp of it, no human or cat tracks on it yet, as the cats are sequestered in the screened porch with food, water, and heated beds. I think they are itching to explore, however. The horses came out to nibble about and generally look pretty in the sun. We imagine the hay has been devoured in the night.

It's a beautiful morning here in NC, but I feel for my son having to deal with ungodly amounts of snow coming his way still. What a winter!

Peace - D

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Thelma said...

I love it babe, to spend this beatiful morning with you. Life is wonderful spending each day with you here on the farm. The memories are treasured as we make our way through the days. I love the beauty of the snow. I love seeing the horses come out and enjoy the frozen wonderland. We are blessed to be able to share these moments together. HAPPY VALENTINE MY LOVE!!

Ms Hen said...

I have a male friend in Maryland who is 52 and 6'4" ..

(I met him in September from; but he lives too far to see again.. wonderful man.. just too too too far.. he thought we could take alternate weekend to see each other.. but I don't drive; and transportation is too loooong and too much $$$ to do that twice a month.. too far)...but great day on his tandem bike and a fair here in nyc. )

They have tiny homes in that area.. so are building tall forts .. keep piling the snow up.. thin pathways to walk.. (not big lawns to put the snow like on my block in nyc (staten island).


He called me up.. ..the other day..

Wow.. now more snow for them.. (hugs to the people in MD).

Love that giant snow man.. gorgeous.

Keeping you in my prayers Doris.

Maggie May said...

Wonderful snow man!
I think the snow is wonderful unless it happens to fall near me!

Nuts in May

Moannie said...

Happy post darlin'. I am fed up to the back teeth with the snow and the cold and grey skies and thick sweaters and gloomy forecasts and bedsocks and runny noses and...and...Ok! I've run down, calm again, deep breaths.

Syd said...

How did anyone make that giant snowman? It is hard enough to make a small one. I am glad not to have that much snow. A little for a day is good.

kanishk said...

I love seeing the horses come out and enjoy the frozen wonderland.
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San said...

The snow is falling lightly here today. On top of what fell yesterday. On top of what fell a few days ago. On top of what fell a few days before that...well, you get the picture. It's beautiful, but the icy parking lot at work is getting on my nerves.