Friday, October 8, 2010


I love Friday evenings.

My son finally found a job that should keep him gainfully employed until he can finish his degree and look for a job in his chosen field of computer science. He is working at the local PetSmart, and he is quite happy about that. An animal lover all his life, he is being charged with Pet Care, meaning that he'll see to it that all the little critters for sale are properly cared for and delivered over to their new owners (or consumers, in the case of the crickets and white mice) with the utmost care. He came home just delighted tonight from his first day of work. He bemoaned that all the pretty girls working there are smokers. He told me the sad story of a dog who came in to see the vet and ended up passing away. He told me about the free dog training he has access to and suggested that we enroll Bodhi.

Last Saturday evening, my leg ended up between Bodhi and Lily as Bodhi decided to fight her for the right to sit in the recliner with me. He accidentally sunk his teeth into me instead of Lily, and I had teeth marks, scratches, and now a nasty bruise. It wouldn't have been as bad, because he barely broke skin, but he has MRSA. So when I called the doctor the next day, at the insistence of my friends, the doctor put me on high doses of antibiotics to prevent infection. I'm sure I'll be just fine, but yes, maybe some additional training (he had some when he was a puppy) is in order. Between the free training and the discounts on pet supplies, I'm very happy about my son's new job! It makes this Friday night extra special.

I hope you all have a delightful weekend! Me? I'll be doing lots more schoolwork and perhaps sharing a coffee with a new friend on Sunday.

Peace and goodnight - D


Maggie May said...

So pleased your son has a job in a pet store. I think I would love that too.
Sorry to hear about the dog bite. Just your luck to have to have that happen and have all the antibiotics.Never mind..... lets be grateful we HAVE antibiotics!
Hope you get over it soon.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

the walking man said...

Now that is a discount I could use for real. The moose eats her own body weight three times a day. Glad you had the sense to get the antibiotics Doris.

Syd said...

Your son will be good for the animals. Take care of that bite. Sounds as if some training would be good.

Daryl said...

OUCH ... I dont know about you but I am a klutz .. I have to watch where I walk all the time the cats love to try and trip me up .. poor Bodhi he feels bad I am sure ..