Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day

Though I've been quite sick today, it's a wonderful, beautiful day. My friend Susan has agreed to go with me on my trip to see my family, which had heretofore been postponed because of said illness. She'll help with the driving, keep me company, and be my companion for a week. She'll get to meet my family, and we will have lots of quality time together -- without me being distracted by work and school.

I think I'll be okay. After all, I'll have my own personal nurse with me :-) Given my aunt's age and the fact that she's still recovering from surgery for colon cancer (and has no other treatment options), I know that now is the time to go, while she is here and can enjoy being with me in this world and vice versa.

This is the song I share with you today. Peace - D


Syd said...

Hope that you feel better. Enjoy the trip and the love.

Daryl said...

So glad .. travel safe .. xo