Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome to my Post-Traumatic GROWTH!

Hey everybody -

I love each and every one of you on this site, but I am going to be putting a great deal of energy (in my spare time) into a new venture - The Way Through. This will become a legal foundation that serves the purpose of bringing positive messages to bereaved parents and to model (through other bereaved parents) the idea that we can continue living and can give back to the world in our child's memory. So many times we hear about the good that parents do in the wake of a tragedy, but too many of the resources that I have personally found have only served to feed the depression I felt instead of giving me hope. I want to offer hope!

Since my Stephanie died, I have always wondered, in the back of my mind, whether there would be some way I could honor her in the future. She never finished college nor had a great track record in any given field, so a scholarship (unless it could be a full scholarship for a student with mental illness but good grades) did not seem to be right. A foundation also didn't seem to fit, until this idea percolated in me.

I invite you to both visit the site and pass it on to anyone you know who could use help or who could offer a positive story about their own grief experience - preferably parental grief, because that is my focus.

The Facebook page is "The Way Through" - you can just search for it. The link to the blogsite is above. I'm hoping it will evolve into more than a blogsite, but I'm still working on finding an artist and web designer who will do some pro bono work.

I will post here when I can, but you know? I want to give back now to the universe and to my higher power, who has given me so much.

Please keep in touch :-)

Peace - D


Daryl said...

I am so happy you've found a way to turn yourself around AND honor your beloved Stephanie ..

Mental P Mama said...

I second that!

Maggie May said...

That is an excellent idea. Putting the bad thing that you have experienced into use ... to help others.
What better way to honour your daughter. Good Luck with that.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Syd said...

Excellent idea, Doris. I think that doing this will help you as well as others. Best of luck with it all.