Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Goodnight, Julian

For those of you who remember her, Julian Bain, a fellow blogger (given name, Susan), has died. She had an art blog, but I can no longer find it. Remind me of it, if you remember. I tried "Ordinary Art," but it's not there anymore.

She leaves behind a son, Zachary. It's hard to tell from her Facebook page exactly what happened, but it seems to have happened on or about May 19 (my 50th). It's the last time I got anything from her, too. She complained of a migraine and of feeling "sickly", but posts by friends seem to point toward a more planned exit. I don't know that for sure. I'm guessing. I'm trying to piece it together in my mind. Could have been just like my daughter's death, an accident. Could be she was just trying to get some rest and relief from the pain. Could be she was just tired.

RIP, sweet friend.


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Syd said...

I'm sorry. Ordinary Art is Kelly's blog.